Have more questions about how Shenanigans The Kilkenny City Walking tour works?  Read on for pricing and booking options, before the tour, while on the tour and even after the tour information. And then there is the stuff our lawyers made us put at the bottom of the page.






Children under 12 go FREE as part of one family.


Corporate & Private Party Bookings

We offer private party and corporate bookings outside of our scheduled tours subject to availability.  Please contact us for more information.



Shenanigans Kilkenny City Walking Tour does not necessarily require reservations, but they are recommended.  Our goal is to give each and every one of you the best tour experience possible.  Prepayment helps us gauge how many people to expect on any given night and tweak the tour accordingly. 


We offer either secure on-line payment via FareHarbor as well as the option of paying cash at the beginning of the tour.  Coupon codes and discounts are only useable if paying online in advance. If you have a Medieval Mile Pass enter (MedievalMilePass) in promo code when booking online. IMPORTANT you must present your Medieval Mile Pass book with Shenanigans ticket at start of tour to your guide to confirm your booking. For your enjoyment of the walk we do have maximum numbers we take and cannot guarantee your participation should you decide to pay on the night in person.


Our refund policy is the most fair around!  Our tours are usually refundable if canceling with 7 days notice. 


Our Guides

Shenanigans The Kilkenny Walk is devised, guided (or MIS-guided as some might say), owned and operated by magician, storyteller and all round fun guys Nevin Cody. Passionate about welcoming you to the beautiful Kilkenny City, a rich jewel in Ireland's Ancient East. Nevin will be on hand to lead you on a jolly jaunt around the beautiful Kilkenny City.  


We leave from under the arch of the main gate of Kilkenny Castle which is between the two round towers facing onto the street.Please arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of departure.

Finding Your Guide

Finding your Shenanigans tour guide is easy, our guide wears a traditional Irish tweed hat, will have Shenanigans signage about his person and will be at the designated meeting location (outside the main gates of Kilkenny Castle) approx 15/20 minutes before departure.

Time and Distance

All tour lasts approximately 90 minutes. We do start ON TIME. We maintain a moderate walking pace, stopping at various sites along the tour. Sorry, but Shenanigans Kilkenny City Walk cannot delay the start time of tours for late arrivals and is not in a position to offer refunds for late arrivals.


Shenanigans Kilkenny City Walk presents tours rain or shine. So please do bring appropriate clothing, be that rain gear, umbrellas or hopefully even sunscreen.  In the event of extreme inclement and potentially dangerous weather Shenanigans Kilkenny City Walk reserves the right to cancel tours.



Children under 12 go FREE as part of one family.

We like children, well behaved ones at least.  Children of all ages are welcome to join our tours though to be honest it is not really suitable for those under 6.  We do ask that if children get disruptive on a tour that a parent/guardian step away from the group with the child until settled down.  Our route takes us up a flights of steps and as such push chairs or strollers might be a hindrance. We do have an alternative route so be sure to let us know before we start or when booking.

Video/Audio Recording & Note Taking

When taking still photographs please be considerate of others in group as well as those on the street you may be photographing. Shenanigans Kilkenny City Walk does not permit video or audio taping of any kind and we strongly discourage note taking.  We pride ourselves on our unique tour and really don't wish to see it being plagiarised by others.


Please ensure your phone is turned on silent or preferably airplane mode while on the tour.  We see our tour as a walking performance and as such phones are a distraction and a nuisance and hinder the enjoyment of the tour for others.

Wheelchair or Mobility Issues

There is one section of the Shenanigans Kilkenny City Walk route that take us up some steps we do have an alternate route so be sure to let us know at the start or when booking.

Smoking & Vaping

Although our tour is outdoors, we request that smokers and vapers step far enough away from our group so no one in the group is affected by smoking or vaping.  


We like a drink or two, but please don't be tipsy or drunk while on the tour.    

Bathroom Breaks

We do not stop for bathroom breaks during our tour, surely you can hold it for an hour and a bit.  But seriously, in Ireland you are never more than a stones throw from a pub or restaurant so we sort you out :-)  



Gratuities are always appreciated, but never expected.  But if you are so inclined please fold the tip neatly! 

Let us know how we did!

We thrive on word of mouth. Share your tour experience in your favourite social media channel, or even better, gives us a rave review on TripAdvisor.  We hope it was an enjoyable experience and to see you again soon!


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